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Women's Apparel, Bags, Jewelry, Accessories, Home Decor and Fun Stuff are designed and hand-chosen by Fourth Daughter.
Our designs are :
—high quality—
—reasonably priced—
—make-you-happy pieces—

Ready to Ship

Ready to Ship

Fourth Daughter designs are hand-picked and hand-made. Creating, buying and manufacturing new products is a local and international process with fashion trend playing a small role. This Fall, we’re keeping our minds open for next year’s lineup. It’s all about The New Thing. 

Our own new designs remain easy, fun, versatile, high quality, not too expensive, long-lasting, makes-you-happy kinds of things. I’m always surprised when one-of-a-kind designs emerge from within Our Factory, a 35-square-foot space (tucked behind the 9’ tall desk). We’re also faithful to best-selling designs that have remained popular; after all, there’s no such thing as having too many pearls, right? Customers also inspire their own designs and their ideas are taken seriously.

Our Look? Edgy and traditional is the broad stroke goal. Also, Decent. Well-made. Fairly priced. Standard gear. Artisanal. Put’em all together. 

Sales transactions are made through relationships with real people, business-to-business and person-to-person.  Likewise, customer support is always managed personally.  We’re available when needed:  customer retention is a gift we treasure.   Our values are simple and we maintain them purely and simply by keeping it real. 

We love large orders. Discounts are negotiable for orders of one dozen to one thousand. 

We also love small orders, and we hope you know that. Our customers are our bedrock. 

Our Global Corporate Office is headquartered in Banner Elk, North Carolina, the town with one traffic light. From this location, we maintain business with over 2,000 customers from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

Our vendors are everywhere (as in Handmade Everywhere). We contribute to the success and well-being of our vendors whose small companies we trust for ethical, quality, best practices.  Safe travels take us to meet personally with our vendors in America, India, Turkey, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, The Philippines and anywhere else we might wander. Over the past ten years, we’ve built collaborative working relationships in a radius 200 feet to 25,000 miles. Our vendors and suppliers have never let us down, regardless of the size of the order. 

Stepping up our game: On Monday, a plane leaves from a woman-owned factory in Noida, India, direct to deliver our shipment of SMD/200 aquamarine silk blouses with matching shell.  The photo above shows the blouse being packaged and ready to ship.  These gorgeous pieces also come in hot pink, celadon and white.

Fourth Daughter is beyond grateful for growth through word of mouth over the last ten years.  The result? Jet fuel for more treasure hunting in places new and familiar. We’re suckers for pearl nacre, precious metal patina, delicate vermeil, intrinsic sparkle, the art’s history. And for our small line of apparel, we’ve admitted that we are powerless over silk, linen, leather, tulle, cashmere and any other tactile fabric. 

Best-selling designs can be seen at our new e-Commerce website, site which goes live on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. We’re jazzed! We’ll give you a peek at what’s ahead and hope you’ll give us feedback in developing the 2018 line. 

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Embrace the Quirky

Embrace the Quirky