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Embrace the Quirky

Embrace the Quirky

We like quirky.  Like, we're into leather.  And Angora goat fur, AKA mohair.  Leather and fur for our newest design:  Quirky Vest with Angora Trim. 

To make the vest:  Search out and hand-pick the finest leather, supple enough to wear.  Found a yummy mottled black/brown hide.  But the search for quality fur trim seemed futile, yielding only wimpy useless scraps of mohair. Talk about a bad hair day. 

I began to believe that the design idea just might not happen for Winter 2017. 

Hold the phone!  As I was about to leave his warehouse, Our Super-Cool Leather-and-Mohair Purveyor found a stash of GORGEOUS mohair, in the most perfect color of cool medium brown to go with the mottled hide.  Yessir!

ff I went with leather, mohair and Quirky Vest pattern to the wonderful men who sew for Fourth Daughter.  These guys actually get excited with us about our new designs; and this is one that none of us had ever seen, much less produced. 

Off to the races, sewing 90 miles per hour to make the Quirky Vest just in time for our blog. Using the asymmetrical vest pattern, the vest was cut with the fur sewn around the perimeter. 

Here’s a photo of our genius craftsman modeling the first prototype of the Furry Friend Vest, just off the sewing machine!

Juan wearing Quirky.jpg

We'll have the vests on our website at where you can apply for a wholesal account to have the vests in your hands just in time for holiday shopping.

Are you ready for the pop quiz on Goat Trivia? 

Angora Goat Fur Trivia:  Angora goats are relatively small animals, so their precious hides don't yield more than a few square feet. he hides I was lucky enough to find had been hand-patched like a crazy quilt in order to make a 2' x 4' piece.  Lots of work is involved in producing pieces large enough to use.

The Scoop on Angora Goats:  In 1838, Sultan Mahmoud II of the Ottoman Empire shipped twelve neutered rams and one female to South Africa.  The rams had been rendered infertile because the Sultan wanted to protect his country's powerful mohair empire.  HOWEVER, the ewe on board was already pregnant (you go girl!) and gave birth to a kid ram en route to Africa.  Thus began the mohair industry in South Africa, which produces the most mohair in the world.  Too bad, Sultan!   

So, how'd the goats get to the United States?  Not long after the 1938 trip to South Africa, the goats were used as a Thank You Gift from another Sultan in appreciation for an American who shared his expertise on the cotton industr.  During the following twenty years, more goats were imported to the US, until the Civil War destroyed most of the large flocks in the south.  Undaunted, the goats thrived in the American southwest.  To this day, Texas remains the largest producer of mohair in the US, and the third largest in the world. 

So much for all you goat nerds.

Fourth Daughter has produced ONLY SIX Quirky Vest with Angora fur trim.  Only one of the vests bears the cow leather's home brand, which we think is a cool claim to fame.

Quirky Vest umbers one through six may well be the only ones of their kind.  Because we hand-select each hide and piece of Mohair from small lots, each leather and mohair color combination is a unique group.   Made in North Carolina, USA.  One size fits most.

Stay warm.  Look Quirky.  Know your Angora Goat history.  This WILL be on the final exam, people! 

Ready to Ship

Ready to Ship